Astro at best

Astro at Best

Sun and Moon in astrological chart plays important role. One can’t ignore lessons teaching by these luminous.

Sun represents our core identity, inner philosophy. Our journey of self-discovery, what is most important to us and what purpose we our born on this earth. Our relationship with other authorities. Sun in any house of astrological chart, influence that house. Whole life predominated with that house. Sun placement reparents, how person is going to develop one’s character, traits, response and behavioural patterns that becomes the central direction, focus and set of beliefs in a person’s life. This is symbolic of our journey towards the true meaning of why we were born – a concept inherent in the message of the Sun. Sun in astrological chart defines our life role and how we going to pursue it. It makes us radical, interpreter and innovator.

Moon is our emotional temperament, ‘gut’, response, instinct’s, feeling, mood and behaviour. How we express our feeling – who we are truly behind the closed doors. What makes us feel secure, safe, rooted and to belong. Eating / dietary habits. Our attitude towards money. Our tender, vulnerable and immature side, our reactions when feeling insecure and threatened. Our image and experience without mother and with subsequent nurturing figures in our life. How we care for our mother and other people to receive comfort and security in return. Moon is all about our behaviour. Behaviour is how we conduct ourselves to create a range of responses.

 Sun and Moon influence each other. Emotions and self. Just looking at these two we can make out person, character, personality, goals and desires. Aspect between them, Conjunction, square or opposition and interaction with other planets and sign in astrological chart gives insight mission of whole life. These two also have special importance in tarot. They work for and against each other. Sun could highlight our strength, Moon tells about emotions working towards our goals.


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