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What Remedies means in astrology, numerology and Vaastu?

People often ask astrologers and numerologist, for remedies or solutions to certain problems but has anyone thought for a second what are remedies? How are they going to help us? How they work? For many years astrologer have recommended pujas, mantras and gem stone as remedies. With the changing world many other types of remedies have come up over a period of time. It has been observed that people without understanding these remedies, reject them because they have a perception that only some specific remedies will work for them and nothing else. One has to understand what exactly they these remedies do.

Remedies are used by astrologer, numerologist and Vaastu expert to balance certain energies, which are running within us and also energies which we experience outside. When these energies are not aligned, we start feeling stress, anxiety, depression, lack of confidences, low self-esteem etc. Thoughts like, “I can’t achieve this I am not worthy”, “This is not for me”, “No one ever going to love me”, etc starts occupying our mind and body (mostly negative). When you are low you need help, either you go to a friend or take professional help. Remedies given by an astrologer, numerologist or Vaastu expert helps you to balance these misaligned energies, because they understand that we are made up of energies. Outside environment, like home and offices also carries these energies which affect our day-to-day life.

Why remedies work for some and not for other or why some get benefited much earlier while other its delayed?

Many people have tried to answer these questions in different ways but with my experience and knowledge, I will be answering as follows. It may or may not resonate with you. Please take forward what resonate with you.

Karmas has its own memory, when I read book on “Karma” written by Sadhguru. I realised Karmas are nothing but memories which we carry from many past lives. We experience these karmas on the basis of our memories. We experience an event, learn our lessons and then next event. We have come to this earth to learn our lesson; we meet good and negative people according to the lesson we have learnt. When you are experiencing some event, which is painful or confusing, you go for professional help, it can be psychologist or astrologer. They understand your pain, accordingly give you remedies. Some people who have already learnt their lesson, and are on edge of finishing their earth lesson, for them remedies work fast, because they have already done half of the work. Others has just started learning their “earth” lesson and building new memories so it works after sometime. Mostly, the delay happens as people don’t believe on professional help and they resist changes, they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Sometimes they are carrying lot of past memories of failure.

Many people have preconceived notion that moment they will go to some astrologer, the very next moment they will be cured. I can explain why this don’t work. For example, since childhood you have been told that you are, “good for nothing”. When you grow up, your teachers, then your spouse, then boss everyone says that you are “good for nothing”.

First, you will put some efforts to prove, “no that’s not true”, “I am good”. Once your one or two attempts fail, to prove yourself right, slowly your brain will start accepting “I am good for nothing”. Your mind starts thinking because “everyone” believes that “I am good for nothing” so I should also believe in it.. Slowly this negative belief system starts causing you problems, as unconsciously it starts reflecting in your actions. Without understanding what is actually causing you problems you go for professional help. Now professional help, make you realise what is the possible cause of your problem. You take any type of help/assistance – astrology, numerology, tarot reading or psychology, etc. they all work first on your mental health issues in some shape and form. The belief which you practised unconsciously, nurtured it and has been with you since childhood, how one can except to change it in a day or two or even couple of months.  You have to practise remedies for much longer period of time and even in that course you might have to take multiple remedies because damage is more than you excepted.

People might think I am only talking about belief system, why I am not talking about fail marriage, broken heart, less paid jobs, failed business etc. When you have emotional and money blockages it’s very difficult to achieve desired success. So, continuing on the point said above somehow you have made your mind to think “I am good for nothing”, no matter what you do it will reflect in your actions. So first cure your emotional blockages then move forward. Emotional blockages are nothing but misaligned energies in our system, those energies which are responsible for our wellbeing and growth, in return we start facing health and mental health issues. Most of the astrologer, numerologist and Vaastu expert understand these energies and they help you to make perfect alignment with your body, mind and environment.

Why people stop following these remedies?

Why people leave it in between and don’t complete full course? Why handful people do it sincerely?

Our mind resist changes, it doesn’t like to desert its comfort zone. For years you have been told “I am good for nothing”, one day you tell your mind to think, “I am worthy”, “I am special”, “I can be successful”. Mind will resist. Mind our ego in astrology is represented by Sun, our emotions by Moon, aspect between them can suggest whether you are ready to change or you will continue with that “negative” belief. Sometimes Sun, our ego resists changes or they even don’t accept I have a problem. In many cases I have seen people take professional help but still they don’t trust because their Sun or ego is so strong that they become their own enemy. Changes initially are painful but they are always beautiful because they give you new direction.

What are best remedies?

I will be answering this question on the basis of my experiences, people may have different experiences and believes.

In this fast-paced world people don’t have time, they always look for “quick fix” to problems. Sorry to say but there are no “quick fixes”. Its all-hard work and patience. “Mantras” are powerful tool /help which I recommend in those case where client is very rigid and believes that only traditional methods will work. Mantras work beautifully when you concentrate, meditate and believe that things will happen. When you completely surrendered for the divine wish. Sorry to say but in this fast moving life people don’t get time to do chanting 108 times, 1008 etc. Gems are sometime very expensive; many don’t have means to purchase it. In this case any of the following methods in silo or combination – reiki, crystal healing, divine music therapy, RA healing, Emotional Freedom tapping, tarot reading, meditation techniques, journaling, nature walk, etc works. Vaastu remedies helps to align energies of home and office environment. All the above remedies work when you put faith and efforts.

Why energy exchange is important?

Astrology and numerology are noble profession why it is not free or why it’s too expensive?

Money itself is energy and very important energy. It provides us with basic necessities which are important for survival. When you take any services, that astrologer actually sharing their good vibration or energy in form of his / her knowledge. Now you can’t return that energy in form of knowledge so you give that energy in form of money. That is called “energy exchange”. When you take something from someone and in return you don’t do anything for that particular person, you automatically form “karmic debt”. You have taken help but did nothing in return, a bad memory. In order to complete and learn your lesson again you have to come and fulfil that debt. So, to avoid these astrologers and numerologist ask for energy exchange. Why some are expensive? This depends on their knowledge and experience. Astrology, numerology, and Vaastu courses cost some what 4-5 lakhs in Indian rupees. Aboard it is more expensive. In addition, it requires hard and sincere work like many other noble professions to provide suggestions/guidance/help to bring in material and positive change in individuals life.

This article provides a little insight about professions – astrology, numerology and Vaastu. People have many preconceived perceptions and with means of this writing I wanted to provide some more insights in the simplest possible manner. No intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments and believes, if in writing the above article I have done so, please accept my apologies.


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